Power on Purpose

The passion for high performance cars ( "Power on Purpose™” ) has led to the design and development of sports cars that have graced a multitude of various magazines throughout the world. Watkins Racing commenced in 1971 and has evolved into Sundoulos World Motorsports ( “Sundoulos” ). This entity is a prototype design and development effort, which creates automotive, related projects that attract great media interest throughout the world. These projects are "dream vehicles" which elicit great reader interest, often reaching millions of people. Since 1971, these dream vehicles have been featured in excess of 100 magazine articles. One project, the BZ 2001, was featured in all the worldwide automotive magazines and was estimated to have been seen by approximately 17 million people. The BZ 2001 was a significant concept vehicle that was often referred to by the magazine editors and enthusiasts as the most beautiful car in the world. An advertising agency would have booked $4 million in advertising costs for their client to duplicate the editorial space generated from the BZ 2001. Sundoulos designs, develops and produces a very limited number of these vehicles in order to create a much greater purpose for the effort.

The master plan includes a "partnership" with charities and major corporate sponsors that benefit from massive media exposure of the SundoulosTM vehicles to create awareness for these charities and raise significant funds for their causes. The editorial exposure will allow a reader to become involved in a particular charity of his or her interest. Enthusiasts viewing the Sundoulos.us web site have the possibility to make a donation over the web site related to any charity listed. All such funds go directly to the charity.

We have created or participated in numerous charitable events as shown throughout this web site.