The BZ 2001 was a joint venture between the Sundoulos predecessor, Watkins Racing,  and Ing. Gioto Bizzarrini.  History credits Bizzarrini with a volatile temperament and a career with numerous European manufacturers. Major highlights included the development of Ferrari’s most successful race car, the three time world FIA Champion, 250 GTO.  Other notable designs included the original V-12 Lamborghini engine- a project which produced far more horsepower than the project goal.

Luis Romo and I had an opportunity to develop the BZ 2001 with Bizzarrini under some immensely tough financial times and thousands on miles between us. Working with Bizzarrini was both a trial and a tribulation, but resulted in an immensely beautiful car and no funds to advance the project. This beautiful car broke our bank during a severe recession and had to be sold for the family to eat. Many dreams went down with that sale.

It was years later that all that time, energy, joy and frustration culminated in a vision that those trials and tribulations were not intended to serve my advancement into automotive production, but the gifts I had been given were to be used to help others who were far less fortunate. The BZ 2001 Project led, through some immense trials and tribulations, to the discovery of a major purpose for my life.

Bizzarrini came to stay with us one summer for several weeks. During that time he designed and we built a prototype steel / composite chassis with his suspension for what may be, perhaps, Bizzarrini’s last major project.

The design is an evolution of the original BZ 2001 and will be completed utilizing a genuine Bizzarrini chassis design. It is a one-off car.  It will be the only one of its type.

BZ Evo Chassis Drawings























BZ Evo Development of the Headlight Bezels / Buckets