About Us

Sundulos World Motorsports is a for profit California Corporation that’s primary purpose is to synergize the combination of Super Stars, People of Great Purpose with Super Cars in the motorsports and high performance automotive venue in order to create public awareness and raise funds for various charities and causes throughout the world. These various celebrities and charities are “partners” with Sundoulos in order to do something for someone expecting nothing in return; also known as serving God's second great commandment; “Love your neighbor”.

Our log line is: “We go places, we take our toys, we meet people and we try to help.”

Sundoulos is a “Booster Club” and a "developer" of charitable fundraising efforts. One of these charities has been Free Wheelchair Mission, which provides, for a donation equivalent to moderate dinner for two, a wheelchair and a new life for a person and a family that has only seen the world from ground level with the rats and snakes. There are over 130 million people throughout the world who have no access to a wheelchair and this charity intends to make a big contribution to that need.

Olive Crest Orphanage is another great charitable organization and or event with Olive Crest was partnered with The Ferrari Owners Club and gave rides to these kids in exotic cars.

The story of the Sundoulos and its unique vehicles is different than any story that has ever been published in automotive journalism. This is a faith-based project based upon the realization that God gives us passion and gifts to match that passion and the matching of those elements leads to our purpose in life.

"Sundoulos" (soon'-doo-loos) is the Greek word for "servant". It usually denotes servants of the same Divine Lord. Bonded servants are the most loyal servants because they choose to serve their master after their freedom has been earned.

Sundoulos World Motorsports

Barry Watkins,