The Miracle Ride for Mobility

The Miracle Ride for Mobility

The Miracle Ride for Mobility was a Sundoulos celebration of the ride of the founders of Free Wheelchair Mission, Don Schoendofer and Dr. Michael Bayer, who rode their bicycles 3,000 miles across the USA to raise awareness for their cause. This two-month effort commenced at project sponsor headquarters, Readers Digest, in Pleasantville, New York.

A video summarizing the Miracle ride for Mobility event is shown herein and includes the trials and tribulations of this cross-country event. The Sundoulos effort was a Homecoming celebration to Southern California of this ride and was held over two days with two major events upon the completion of the ride. 

The twins, Tammie and Shannon, worked tirelessly around the clock, for almost 60 days to host the Gala dinner with all the elements required to have such an event, such as, event location, major tent, food, flowers, tables, chairs, beverages, electronic audio and video equipment, etc.

The first event was a Gala Dinner for 380 people and raised approximately $100,000 for Free Wheelchair Mission. The evening began with the arrival of twelve very unique and exotic cars which helped draw many people who had a passion for giving.

The following morning, with the help and generosity of Ford Motor Company and the Ferrari Owners Club, Sundoulos produced and videoed, with Olive Crest Orphanage, an exotic ride and drive for these kids to give them a very memorable experience.

Following the kids ride and drive, Sundoulos videoed and staged the Miracle Ride for Mobility Exotic Car Parade, a sports car celebrity parade of about 100 awesome cars to commemorate this effort.

Please enjoy the awesome photos of this event.