Monterey Weekend

The August Monterey Week Story

The Monterey Weekend occurs every August in Monterey California. It historically draws 40,000 to 60,000 people who provide the largest economic return of any other event, including major golf tournaments. People who attend the festivities have money and they spend it on cars, entertainment, food, car events, charity, etc.

Numerous event choices are available over four or five days and if you attend very many of them, you will be one tired puppy when you are done. Events include all major car club participation, numerous exotic and collector car auctions, art shows, the Monterey Historic Races, the premier concourse event in the world, The Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance.

Team Sundoulos attended this weekend and introduced the SportStar and followed a  very significant Duesenberg to the Gooding and Company Auction.  Tamison rode in this unbelievable Duesenberg as the auctioneer commenced the price rise, “Feast your eyes on the Deusie”. Moments later, the gavel pounded,  “Sold, 2 million dollars.”

The SportStar was the hit of the Party and people were blown away with its unique design and features.

Please enjoy the awesome photos of this event.